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#London for life! Love of many things amongst music, photography, culture, cycling, food, health, arts, people, films....... Too much dillusion in this world. Alittle less ignorance would go a long way in this world. Hopefully i can share something with people on here. Thanks for looking.

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  1. The Whatever Session’s - 6 - Hark & Dan - 09/06/2011

    Whatever Session – 6 – Hark & Dan

    Hello everyone! Well the last show got some love. Thanks to those supporting and listening. We recorded this one about a month ago. Sorry about the delay. Unfortunately since the last show we lost a true legend. Often not recognized by mainstream media because of his outspoken nature, we lost Gil Scott Heron who has recently been connecting with the current generation, via Jamie XX remix album on XL Recording. We down our small part by playing his tunes in our own 45min sections, that’s the least we could do for such a wise man.

    Dan went electronic on his 45 with a bit of old and new. Blawan, Getting Me Down smashing the clubs at the moment. Yes its Brandy sample for those that can remember.  Also throwing in the two dark classics, El-b – Buck n Bury and Skream – Bahl Fwd. Only way to truly appreciate those tunes is on a system. Trust me.

    I played two tracks from Michael Kiwanuka who has an amazing voice. One of the best I have heard in a while. After all he has been supporting the great Adele. Two tunes of his recently released EP. This was followed by Teen Inc who is an American group who have that Prince feel that makes you wanna move. You get me!  They are another act for the future hopefully. Our next one is the 8th show with a slightly different format, which is then followed by our Glastonbury Special and then a vinyl special. Once again thanks for reading this and listening to the show. Keep your ears pealed.

    Find us on Twitter: 

    Hark - @Hark1Karan

    Dan - @D_Esteban_88 

    Show Link: 126min - 144.7MB

    Dan’s 45 Minutes

    1. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    2. Steffi – Yours (ft Virginia)

    3. Blawan – Getting Me Down

    4. Steffi – Arms (Lone Remix)

     5. Kode 9 & Spaceape – Love Is The Drug (ft Cha Cha)


    6. Mosca – Gold Bricks, I See You

    7. M.I.A – It Takes A Muscle (Pearson Sound Refix)

    8. Martyn – Friedrichstrasse 

    9. Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (BaBaBa)

    10. Machinedrum – Fantastix

    11. El-B – Buck N Bury (ft Juiceman)

    12. Benny Ill vs J King – Kosmic 78

    13. Vivek – Pulse

    14. Kromestar – Rainy Dayz

    15. Skream - Bahl Fwd

    16. James Blake – CMYK

    17. Untold – Anaconda 

    Hark’s 45 Minutes

     1. Jonsi and Alex – Stokkseyri

    2. Gil Scott Heron – Everyday

    3. Gil Scott Heron & Brain Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit

    4. Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale

    5. Michael Kiwanuka – Worry Walks Beside Me

    6. Bill Withers – I Don’t Know

    7. Teen Inc – Fountains

    8. GZA –

    9. Ludacris – Whats Your Fantasy

    10. Queens of The Stone Age – Millionaire Song

    11. Sizzla – Karate

    12. Enur feat Natasja – Calabria 2007

    35 Minute Whatever B2B from - 90mins

    Dan starting with the first selection.

    1. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

    2. Michael Mind – Show Me Love

    3. Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock

    4. Fatboy Slim – About My Baby

    5. Jamiroquai – Seven Days In Sunny June

    6. Frank Ocean – American Wedding

    7. General Levy – Incredible

    8. Augustus Pablo – Baby I Love You So (Cut short due to CD Error)

    9. Prodigy – Funky Shit

    10. Old Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo

    11. Old Dirty Bastard – Baby I Got Your Money (ft Kelis)

    12. Beanie Man - Dude

    Download Link:

    Show 5 -

    Show 4 -

    Show 3 -

    Show 2 -

    Show 1 -

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