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#London for life! Love of many things amongst music, photography, culture, cycling, food, health, arts, people, films....... Too much dillusion in this world. Alittle less ignorance would go a long way in this world. Hopefully i can share something with people on here. Thanks for looking.

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  10. Love it! #Portrait taken by stevebraiden @stevebraiden

    Love it! #Portrait taken by stevebraiden @stevebraiden

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  12. Whatever Session - 42 - Hark - The Essential Best Of Panjabi MC

    Whatever Session - 42 - Hark - The Essential Best Of Panjabi MC

    So this one is a pretty personal session. Get ready to ready to dive into my world. Into my pre-teen and early teen years. I guess this is about growing up in England with two cultures and relating them to myself, and how musical expression changed my life. Perhaps I should give a brief background on myself. I was born in London. My family is from Punjab, a northern region of India. Punjab is predominately associated with the Sikh religion and Punjabi culture. Then there’s me growing up in South London going to a school made up of so many different cultural identities. Essentially from the day I was born I’ve been surrounded by contrasts on many levels. I kind of want to leave it at that because in a nutshell that is how life was growing up, being surrounded by multiple cultures and ways of life. You may ask what does this have to do with my mix? Well it was about me finding my own place/identity in life, at that moment of existence. 



    At that young age it’s hard to understand identity and your existence in relation to the world, as you’re often stuck in your own world. However what I am grateful for is the acceptance I was nurturing at that young age. Acceptance taught me that being different is beautiful and that it can co-exist in harmony, with other differences. You learn deep down inside we all want the same in life. We just all do it differently. Growing up surrounded by so many ways of life, you learn, adapt and progress with the best of all cultures. This may sound like some idealistic utopian scenario, it isn’t. That’s because ‘most people’ resist and halt their progression because they feel changing is not necessary. Maybe they’re scared of change? Perhaps because we are constantly told to conform, and this makes us scared of the ‘other’ (those different to ‘us’). I quickly realised that one form of expression exceeded these boundaries. A form of expression that aids in our progression as humans. A form of expression that brings us together. A form of expression that creates energy for change. A form of expression that challenges our notions. A form of expression that allows for many forms. That is the sound of music. That is what would lead me to truly realise where I fit. So now the journey began to me knowing, that I had to do my own thing and respect everything around me.

    Boy was I growing up in one of the world’s best cities for musical expression. London’s history with the world and migrant communities meant that it became a hub for creating new waves of expression. One of those forms of expression was the collision of Punjabi, British and Jamacian culture. As a kid I found it hard to just confine myself to one way of thinking. I liked garage, heavy metal, bhangra, hiphop and anything that resonated with my brain. I wouldn’t try to suppress it. I fondly remember my first encounters with so many genres. Each one always had that wow moment, when I thought I like this. What is this? I want more of this. Hearing Panjabi MC was ‘one of those moments’ that made me realise I could listen to anything and not have to conform to anything. Like I said it was Punjab meets Britain, meets Jamaica. I felt I related to it differently. I had a direct relationship with it and that this sound belonged to a part of me. At the time I knew that no one else was doing it the same, hence why I didn’t get into the whole scene. I knew he was a pioneer of that sound. I do remember around the age of 13 to 14 phasing slowly out of Panjabi MC. Only recently to remember the impact that it had on my life as a young boy. 


    Bhangra is the music of Punjab even before the partition of Punjab into India & Pakistan. It is the music of the farmers. Punjab is known as the farm of India and probably the greenest part of India. Music was  was traditional performed and danced to around the harvest period of April. Also the time of the holy celebration called Vaisakhi (Sikh holy day). The very first memory I have of hearing any music let alone Bhangra is probably around the age of 4. I remember hearing Malkit Singh – Tutak Tutak blasting out of my uncle’s room. A classic and traditional song. This was the sound taken by Panjabi MC back in the early 90s to lead the way for British Bhangra. Back then we didn’t have the internet to spread music. It spread through community radio like Sunrise Radio (Broadcasting out of Southall), Indian music shops and weddings where the music really came to life. I didn’t have wait till I was 18 to go to a rave because I used to go Sikh wedding receptions. It was loud, packed with hundreds of guests, alcohol in free flow and crazy dancing. Everyone in the place having a good time. This is where I heard Bhangra collide with jungle, garage and hip hop on Jamaican style sound systems. Sikhs have a long tradition of integrating into societies the world over and flourishing. British bhangra was evidence of this integration and progression.


    The 90s was when the first & second generation of British Asians came of age and paved a new identity for generations to come. I was the first person in my whole family to be born in the UK as well (80s baby). The music helped British Asians relate to many aspects of British life and other ethnic minorities in the UK. Hence the output of Panjabi MC. He embraced everything from sound system culture, jungle, breaks, hiphop, trip hop, garage to MC-ing. He mixed/sampled the sound of legends like Lal Chand Yamlajat to Gurdaas Maan. He would go on later to feature many traditional singers such Kuldip Manak & Surinder Shinda. You could say for that generation it was a way to learn. The only place I could get hold of this music was when we made family trips from South London to Southall in deepest West London. It was a chance to enjoy what was naturally familiar to rest of my family. My family could visit the largest Gurdwara in the UK, enjoy eating out and just embrace themselves with their mother culture. Plus I got a chance to go to Virdi Brothers shop in Old Southall. This was when tape was still being sold. I’m pretty sure the first tape I bought was Legalised by Panjabi MC. 



    _This is his best and most renowed album. A masterpiece released in 1998 featuring the infamous ‘Mundian To Bach Ke’. My community was listening to this for a whole 5 years before it went global. How mad is that. Even Jay-Z laid down a verse on the remix. It wouldn’t have stayed undiscovered for so long in the internet era. It was strange to experience the birth of the tune twice. Having said that, after 15 years from when I first heard the tune, I’ve witnessed it get the maddest reactions all over the world. Becoming an essential part of any generic party mix the world over. Over time I bought the majority of Panjabi MCs discography on CD. I felt the act of buy the CD was something I could take back with me. Looking back now I think this is where my obsession with buying music probably started from. I can hand on heart say that this was first significant experience/step in my life that opened things up for me in so many ways. It set me on my path and since other significant experiences have come to completely change my life. Strangely this somehow led me to heavy metal. It is only now in my mid 20s that I can look back and recognise life changing experiences. 



    To this day the one thing that has stayed constant is my location. I guess that says it all. After travelling a lot I have a certain appreciation for where I live. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with some of the changes, but I’ll be discussing that in my photography project. Coming to you soon. I know I went in, but I feel like I had to. It’s not every day you get a chance to share something like this. Hopefully others can relate in a broader sense, and others can understand & learn.

    This mix show cases traditional bhangra sounds that are none British influenced, to the more (UKG) garage instrumental sound, with classic bhangra samples. There is even jungle, hiphop and traditional bhangra classics. Hopefully you’re able to distinguish between the variations of Bhangra. I’ve tried to get that across.

    I’d love to hear what you think.

    Enjoy. Peace, love & respect from the Whatever Session family. 

    Find us on Twitter:

    Hark - @hark1karan

    Dan - @d_esteben_88

    Flipper Henderson - @Ultra_Goons

    Whatever Session - 42 - Hark - The Essential Best of Panjabi MC by Hark1karan on Mixcloud

    1. Panjabi MC ft Hans Raj Hans & Lalchand Yamlajat – Neuke Phadin Jawanan

    2. Panjabi MC ft Labh Janjua Desi – Good Morning

    3. Panjabi MC – Moorni Balle Balle

    4. Panjabi MC – Bari Barsi

    5. Panjabi MC ft Kuldip Manak – Jatt Ho Giya Sharabee

    6. Panjabi MC – Lambran Di Noh (Big Phat & Junglist)

    7. Panjabi MC ft Surinder Shinda – Mirza (Here I Come Junglist)

    8. Panjabi MC ft Lalchand Yamlajat – Pyar Wich (Planet Rock Remix)

    9. Panjabi MC ft Labh Janghua – Yaaran Kollon Sikh Kuriye

    10. Panjabi MC – Jogi (Stoned & Live)

    11. Panjabi MC – Ek Wari Haan Karde

    12. Panjabi MC ft Ranjit Manni – Bheer

    13. Panjabi MC – GT Road

    14. Panjabi MC – Bach Ke

    15. Panjabi MC – Panj Pind

    16. Panjabi MC ft Kuldip Manak – Jungi

    17. Panjabi MC ft Moho & Siddiq – Giddeh Wich

    18. Panjabi MC ft Sarbjit Kaur – Kori (Giddah)

    19. Panjabi MC – Giddenah Di Rani

    20. Panjabi MC ft Surinder Sonia – Raat Da Na Bole (Summertime Remix)

    21. Panjabi MC ft Surindar Shinda – Mirza Part 2

    22. Panjabi MC ft PMC – Soundz of The Des (Freestyle)

    23. Panjabi MC ft PMC – True MC’s

    24. Panjabi MC ft PMC & Villain MC – Thugee

    25. Panjabi MC ft Surinda Shinda & PMC – Sassi

    26. Panjabi MC ft Gurdaas Mann – Challa Part 2

    27. Panjabi MC ft Hema Sharma – Ghallan Gurian

    28. Panjabi MC ft Master Salim – Dhol Jageero Da

    29. Panjabi MC ft Sarvjeet Kaur – Boliyan

    30. Panjabi MC ft Labh Janjua – Mundian To Bach Ke (The Knight Rider)


    Whatever Session 41 – Hark & Dan

    Whatever Session 40 – Flipper Henderson – Old Skool Valentine RnB - TAFKAP

    Whatever Session – 39 – Hark & Dan – The Best of 2013 

    Whatever Session – 38 – Hark & Dan

    Whatever Session - 37 – Flipper Henderson - You  don’t have all the answers mix

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  14. Whatever Session 41 – Hark & Dan

    Whatever Session 41 – Hark & Dan

    This is just one of standard whatever sessions. Recorded at the start of February. We went 3 for 3. Dan started with the first three. What can you expect? Expect all sorts. A sandwich of mish mash held together either side by Grime and Bashment.

    We are really enjoying our sessions and fast approaching our 50th session. We’ve got some amazing shows till then and hopefully a special 50th session. We’ll be delving into sounds that may not be so popular or fashionable at the moment. As the cliché goes, good music stands the test of time. So that is what we’ll be bringing you just good solid music with a vibe and heart. Don’t forget the world is huge and I’m certain the majority of us live in pure ignorance most of the time. So we just aim to share what is out there. I think it’s important for us at the whatever sessions to remember one of key values of always sharing. Vibez-ing, progressing and learning together.  

    Enjoy. Peace, love & respect from the Whatever Session family. 

    Find us on Twitter:

    Hark - @hark1karan

    Dan - @d_esteben_88

    Flipper Henderson - @Ultra_Goons

    Whatever Session - 41 - Hark & Dan - 01-02-2014 by Hark1karan on Mixcloud

    1. Jammer ft Lord Of The Mics Allstars – Reload Central

    2. Big Shizz ft Maxsta, Lady Leshurr, Jammer, Realz, Jammin & Vilan

    3. JME – Integrity

    4. Meridian Dan ft Big H & JME – German Whip

    5. Wiley – BMO Field Freestyle

    6. Dot Rotten ft Frisco & Chip – Are You (Remix)

    7. A$AP Nast ft Method Man – Trillmatic

    8. Flatbush Zombies – Death

    9. A$ton Mathews ft Action Bronson & Flatbush Zombies– TLC

    10. Mick Jenkins - Martyrs

    11. Lil Durk – Dis Ain’t What U Want

    12. King Louie – My Niggas

    13. Mala – Miracles (Commodo Remix)

    14. Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)

    15. Dusky – 9T8 

    16. Disclouse – Stimulation (Preditah Remix)

    17. Ninetoes – Finder (Original)

    18. Mylo – In My Arms

    19. Fatima – Family

    20. The Internet ft Yuna – Sunset

    21. The Stepkids – The Art Of Forgetting

    22. Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (Extended)

    23. V.I.V.E.K - Mantra

    24. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues

    25. Wajeed – Clap It Up

    26. Kaytranada – At All

    27. Charly Black ft J Capri – Whine & Kotch

    28. Alkaline – Gyal Bruk Out

    29. Clip C – She Wants Me – Caribbean Groove Riddim

    30. Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love

    31. Aidonia – Pon Di Cocky

    32.Vybz Kartel – School

    Whatever Session 40 – Flipper Henderson – Old Skool Valentine RnB - TAFKAP

    Whatever Session – 39 – Hark & Dan – The Best of 2013 

    Whatever Session – 38 – Hark & Dan

    Whatever Session - 37 – Flipper Henderson - You  don’t have all the answers mix

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  16. Whatever Session 40 – Flipper Henderson – Old Skool Valentine RnB - TAFKAP

    Whatever Session 40 – Flipper Henderson – Old Skool Valentine RnB - TAFKAP

    Valentine’s day may have been last week, but we all know love works best as a constant and continuation. Hence why is doesn’t matter when this love mix comes to you. When in the hands of the ever reliable Flipper Henderson, love is always present. There is no denying that you can hear his love for music through his selection and blending. His passion for music and how it connects us to the outlet of love. He likes to keep a low profile, but I managed to get a few words out of him.

    'Little late Valentine present for some old-school RnB lovers out there. I miss the days of looking forward to listening to Choice FM on the weekend and they would play some of the greatest smooth bangers I have ever heard. This is a homage to those 90s days.'

    Take a moment and rejoice in the smooth love grooves of Flippers past. Also check out his Dilla tribute mix. It’s a fresh mix that he has also uploaded today. Double dose of Flipper. Click for *** Dilla mix *** 

    Enjoy. Peace, love & respect from the Whatever Session family.


    Find us on Twitter:

    Flipper Henderson - @Ultra_Goons

    Hark - @hark1karan

    Dan - @d_esteben_88

    Download Link:  -  1:15hr – 71MB –

    (click orange download button)

    Mixcloud -

    1) Blackstreet - Wanna Make Love

    2) Anita Baker – Angel 3) Lucy Pearl – Everyday

    4) Tyler the Creator – Treehome95

    5) Dwele – Twuneanunda

    6) Jeffrey Osborne – Only Human

    7) Yesterday’s New Quintet - Little Girl (Dakota’s Song)

    8) Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray

    9) Mary J. Blige – Beautiful Mess

    10) Al B Sure – Night and Day

    11) Soul II Soul –Keep On Moving

    12) Steve Arrington – Beddie-Biey

    13) Dwele – A.N.G.E.L. (Interlude)

    14) Blackstreet – I like the Way you Work

    15) Cameo – Groove with You

    16) B.B. & Q. Band - Genie

    17) Luther Vandross –See Me

    18) Loose Ends – Stay A Little While, Child

    19) Kleer – Intimate Connection

    20) S.O.S. Band –Just the Way You Like It

    21) Bobby Brown – On Our Own

    22) Alexander O’Neal – Love Makes No Sense

    23) Hi-Five – I like the Way (Kissing Game)

    24) Change – Change of Heart

    25) P-Funk All Stars – Pumpin’ It Up

    26) The Time – Get It Up

    27) Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle

    28) Tony! Toni! Toné! – Feels Good

    29) The Time – My Drawers

    30) Lo-Key – Turn Around

    31) Tony Thompson –Handle Our Business

    32) Brownstone - Grapevyne

    33) Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long

    34) Aaliyah - Heartbroken

    35) Angela Winbush - Angel

    36) Tawatha - Did I Dream You

    37) Usher - Whispers

    38) Blackstreet – Tonights the Night

    39) ? (Guess the Mystery Track)

    Download Link:  -  1:15hr – 71MB –

    (click orange download button)

    Mixcloud –

    Whatever Session – 39 – Hark & Dan – The Best of 2013 -

    Whatever Session – 38 – Hark & Dan -

    Whatever Session - 37 – Flipper Henderson - You  don’t have all the answers mix

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  18. DJ EZ @DJEZOfficial 3 HOUR SET

    The legend that is DJ EZ played a legendary slot on Boiler Room last night. Earlier last year he played an 1hr set which went viral instantly. He is the original UK/London DJ. This man makes all those techno DJs look tame and weak. I know the comparison is unnecessary, but there’s no denying is his ultra super star DJ status! He been round since the end of Jungle and came from on Freak and KissFM in the early 90s with early US house and UKG/garage. I have a set somewhere from either Kiss or Galaxy. A 1994 recording. Garage is where he really made his name. The  man is an institution. If you go clubbing in the UK you should know who he is. He is the premium end of DJing in the UK. Passionate about his art the music he plays. So much respect for the man. He been through all the scenes and has everyone’s respect. Selection, pitch control and mixer skills are some of the best in the world. Be it CD or vinyl as he demonstrates in his 3 hour set. Not a computer in site. If you ever want to be become a club DJ, take some inspiration from this man. He’s at the top, not all these other bullshit guys. That’s just the truth. The first was just a taster for this 3 hour set. From here you can see his diverse range of sounds, mixing styles. He can play to all types of crowd. Basically the man is loved. He can’t do any wrong. Respect to you sir! 

  19. Slik reiser du kollektivt i London

    Here is an article that I feature in. Martine is a friend who writes for a Norwegian magazine and asked me to contribute as a native of London. Hit translate on Chrome if you use that. 

  20. NEWSNIGHT: @FuseODG Fuse ODG on Africa, Afrobeats and performing

    Out to Richard! He made it to Newsnight. That is pretty big if you ask me. Had to post this up and show some love to Richard and Africa. He’s done us proud and made it. Just to quickly fill you in. Richard was in my class in secondary school, so that’s how I know him. 

    Growing up in South London and my particular area I was aware of the African influence. The food, the fashion/style, way of life and differences between cultures within Africa. I have friends from North, South East and West Africa. So you automatically learn about cheap culture and how humble and hard working they are. I also learnt about Rastafarians through another friend and learning about anciet African history.

    Ultimately what I am saying is that, Africa essentially encapsulates much of what can only benefit the UK and the world. They have great cultural values in creativity, health, food and generally their way of life. There is so much to be exposed and learn from. Richard is exposing this in his own way and clearly been inspired by his ancestral home.

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